Convinced after a trial study day

Fontys School of ICT

Convinced after a trial study day

"My name’s Wouter, I’m 18 years old. I’m studying HBO-ICT at Fontys because I like ICT and because the possibilities that Fontys offers appealed to me. In order to make the right choice I visited open days at several Universities of Applies Sciences. I didn’t feel at home at any of them. After my dad dropped the name “Fontys”, we went to the open day together. I immediately felt at home because of the enthusiasm of the students and the staff. The broad offer and the various specialisations really got my attention. I was convinced immediately that I wanted to go to this school but to be totally sure I attended a trial study day and among others I attended a workshop from the profile ICT & Technology."

"I already had experience in programming websites and I own a Raspberry Pi. In secondary school (O.R.S. Lek en Linge) I took lessons in information technology. With this knowledge and enthusiasm I ended up at the workshop "ICT & Technology". We were given the assignment of using an Arduino to make a led change colour depending on how far your hand was away from it. I had a plan immediately and I got to work. Whomever was the best and the fastest at the workshop could win an Arduino, and that sounded like music to my ears! I got the program working rather fast. I was looking for an additional challenge. Sadly I didn’t manage to work this out in time. I subsequently showed the original plan. And sure enough, I won the Arduino! Of course that’s great, but what’s more is that now I was sure that I was going to study at Fontys!

I’m putting the Arduino to good use and I even bought more Arduinos and parts. My major project as of now is automating and controlling our house. I’m always looking for additional challenges in the lessons ICT & Technology, which is a good sign. I hope to learn a lot at Fontys and I hope that Fontys offers plenty of challenges!"

Wouter Schaeffer, student from class A11.