ICT students at Hack the Waste 2022

Fontys Information and Communication Technology

From Friday 12.00 to 12.00, two Fontys students joined the annual eco-hackathon event Hack The Waste. This year, they had two challenges to choose from, both of which addressed an issue related to sustainability. The first challenge concerned the marketing of apple leather, an initiative of organising partner UCLL. The second challenge came from the Latvian capital Rīga, where there is a problem with large waste in the city centre (e.g. old furniture). Students Yves Lardenoije and Julian Tekstra worked literally day and night with students from various countries and disciplines on innovative solutions. (Former) colleague Wouter Sluis-Thiesscheffer was also present as coach and DJ. Hack The Waste is an initiative of Businet Global Business Education Network.

The event is digital, but in Leuven, many students (also from universities in Norway and Denmark) came together. HLN wrote about it.