First Edubadge Impact on Society awarded

Fontys Information and Communication Technology
During the IT Festival on May 17th, the 1st Edubadge Impact on society was awarded at FHICT by Fontys CEO Joep Houterman. Because of the flexibilisation of education there is an There is an emerging trend towards working with 'microcredentials'. One form of One form of microcredentials is the 'Edubadge': digital proof that you have acquired knowledge and/or skills. acquired. Basically, an Edubadge is a picture file containing extra information that is encrypted. It contains data that says more about the learning achievement that has been achieved. was delivered. A Edubadge can be verified digitally.

FHICT is the first institution within Fontys that works with Edubadges. In the spring of 2021, FHICT issued Edubadges to students for the regular semesters for the first time. We call this type of Edubadge formal: they are for educational units to which ECTS are linked. In addition, informal Edubadges are emerging: microcredentials, intended for students who stand out in the choices they make and the activities they do during the study programme, for example choices for socially relevant projects as opposed to purely technologically interesting projects.

The Impact on Society badge was developed by the ambition team of the same name and can be awarded if a student demonstrates in their behaviour that they are making impactful and ethically responsible choices and acting accordingly. This can be seen, for example, in choices for professional tasks and individual projects that are socially relevant or otherwise impactful for people. It can also be seen in the careful consideration of ethical aspects in the development of IT applications, and possibly in carrying out impactful activities in the ICT context outside of one's studies. Since this month, it is possible for students to obtain an Impact on Society badge if they submit a portfolio of relevant activities. Dennis Kirsch, student ICT & Media, is the first who successfully applied for this Edubadge. Dennis was the first student to receive the Impact on Society badge from Joep Houterman.

Fontys is in the lead with Edubadges: of the 12 participating Universities of Applied Sciences, Fontys has already issued more badges to students than the other Universities of Applied Sciences put together and also has the greatest diversity of badges with which a student can really show what kind of professional he or she is by means of badges in his or her portfolio. The Edubadge Impact on Society is a good example of this.

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