Visit University of Lleida

Fontys Information and Communication Technology

On November 17 and 18, Geert Jan van Ouwendorp and Jeroen de Kort visited the University of Lleida ( in Spain. It is a 2-yearly event in which
various universities visit Lleida to introduce the students there to foreign study opportunities. These include exchange programs, minors, internships or double
degrees. This edition there were universities from Brazil, Italy, Poland, Finland, Israel, Germany (2 different universities), the Netherlands (so us) and of course Lleida itself.

On the first day we presented Fontys and FHICT to some of the students of the polytechnic college (engineering and ICT) and on the second day we have participated in an international market where we occupied a booth where students could ask all their questions. A tiring day with "sore throats" at the end from talking a lot with students.
It was a great experience and very nice to see how that that the various universities approach their education approach. Especially in the informal moments a lot of information was exchanged about how they did it "over there" differently. A great learning experience. Geert Jan made contacts for collaborations around media design and creative technology and Jeroen in the area of software engineering. Of course, we also talked about other profiles and we reviewed the didactics we use here at FHICT.

If you are a teacher and would like to collaborate with foreign universities in your student projects, please contact us. For example, you can think of outsourcing or reviewing part of a concept so that students learn to collaborate with other nationalities and are challenged by language and cultural differences, among other things.