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Fontys School of ICT is breaking down walls to enable Open Education

Jared Stein, VP of Higher Education & Product Development visited Fontys University of Applied Sciences - School of ICT in 2016 to show Canvas users how Fontys is breaking down walls to enable Open Education: a new educational model. The American film crew of InstructureCon made a very inspiring film about this new model.

In the film we see and hear Eric Slaats and Martijn Ruissen, both associate lectors of Fontys School of ICT. "The world is changing so fast," says Eric Slaats. "We need other ways to educate. You don't know what the world will look like in four years’ time." The movie also features two students: Joris van Oers and Tess Schoonhoven. "My girlfriend is studying at a University and she just learns everything out of a book. Everyone gets the same assignment. They have very little freedom. What I see at Fontys School of ICT is that we're always applying our knowledge in the real world. I think that's a better way to learn things. Teachers try to push you to the limit."

Martijn Ruissen, one of the lectors in the film, comments: "We always try to come up with real-life projects. I think that if you know your project is applied to a real situation, you're much more motivated to work on it." "I love working with students. Giving these people such a head start in the world, that really does it for me. These are students that are going make real changes. And if we can come to an educational system in which every student or every learner gets to the place where he or she belongs, that will be of tremendous value for society." says Eric Slaats.

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Would you like to watch the film of InstructureCon and to know more? Here you can watch the whole movie.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rGcDQMxwjbk (403)