1st preliminary ICTalent Awards: 4 participants selected

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1st preliminary ICTalent Awards: 4 participants selected

On Thursday 26 January the 1st preliminary of the ICTalent Awards took place. No less than 10 contestants from various study programmes of Fontys University of Applied Sciences (from 1st to 4th year students) battled for the coveted ticket to the ICTalent Awards on 18 May 2017. The participants had to pitch their product or idea in front of a professional jury in maximally 2 minutes. This jury consisted of enthusiastic but critical teachers: Frank Henning, Carli Kleijnen, Pascal Dauphin, Lennart de Graaf and Martijn Ruissen. They assessed each pitch on a number of criteria (persuasiveness, authenticity, distinctiveness). Additionally participants should also be able to present a functioning prototype at the ICTalent Awards on 18 May. 

In the end there were 4 participants who convinced the jury of the strengths of their products: HappyCoders, Eggstravaganza, Quantified Student and ruXup. HappyCoders is an enthusiastic duo from the English Stream (3rd year). They presented a mobile app: Showup. “Showup is an exciting social media application platform for location based content sharing between friends. The app allows you to explore places that have high activity nearby and also to easily check in and share real time activities, places and events with friends. The app is also focused on bringing better insights to business owners who want to better understand their customers and promote their business through the platform.”

Eggstravaganza impressed the jury among others through their convincing, powerful and original pitch. These 2nd year students Game Design developed Hide & Seek with a twist. “Everyone has played hide & seek in their youth, but wouldn’t there be a lot more suspense if everyone could hide & seek at the same time? That is possible with Eggstravaganza! Where we combine the powers of Hide & Seek together with the festivities of an Easter egg hunt.”

The third group that was also selected is Quantified Student, consisting of a group of 2nd year Delta-students. “The idea behind this project is using biometric data to enhance the study performance of students. You could see it like a runkeeper app for your study. Next to biometric data, extra data will be collected, for example Canvas, NS and Weather Data. This extra data can be used to draw conclusions and find patterns between your biometric data and this extra data. All this will be shown on a personal dashboard.” Their vision: in 2021 all Fontys students will be using this platform.

The last team that may call themselves one of the participants in the ICTalent Awards 2017 is ruXup. RuXup consists of 4th year Software students (English Stream). “RuXup is a platform allowing communities to form over common interests and location, it is more than an app.”

The participants are now preparing for the ICTalent Awards on 18 May 2017 in the assembly hall of R5. However, before that they will get presentation trainings from BOOM Chicago from Amsterdam, a workshop in entrepreneurship and a professional project video. This way they will enter the stage fully prepared. On Thursday 20 April 2017 the second preliminary takes place. Any student of Fontys School of ICT can sign up through the online registration form. In this preliminary the last four participants for the ICTalent Awards will be picked. A total of 8 contestants will be battling for the first prize worth 2000 euro per person and of course the ICTalent Award on 18 May 2017!


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