15 participants Denk Groter Awards 2017

Fontys Information and Communication Technology

Fontys School of ICT to participate in the Denk Groter Awards 2017 ("Think Larger Awards 2017") with 15 participants.

The participants for the Denk Groter Awards 2017 have been selected! No less than 15 of the entries are students/employees of Fontys School of ICT (or part of the group). All entries are currently being judged by a jury. The jury will announce a top 10 of the best entries by employees and students on Monday 26 June. People can vote for their favourites from 26 June to 30 June. Instructions on how to do this will follow.

Candidates from Fontys School of ICT
Below is a list of candidates from Fontys School of ICT. Find more information about the various projects here. 

-Michiel Groenemeijer & Constanze Thomassen with Pressure Cooker Programme ICT & Media Design semester 6

-Sjaak Verwaaijen with Belevingsgericht onderwijs ("Experience-based education") Virtual Reality

-Martin Ederveen with Green Laptop

-Martin Ederveen & Jeffrey Cornelissen with the NEXT festival

-Marlou Heskes with pilot autismetalent benutten ("utilising autistic talent")

-Eric Slaats, Martijn Ruissen, Lennart de Graaf, Michael Schifferling, Marcel Veldhuijzen with Innovative study programme ICT & Open Innovation

-Martijn Ruissen with Delta Onderwijs ("Delta Education") 

-Robin Agterberg with Skill Tree: gamification of a co-assessment tool

-Niels Musters, Sjoerd Heijligers, Ferry Jongmans, Gaston Muijtjens, Elvior Pereira, Gasten Sauzande with Quantified Student

-Roy Houtkamp and Marck Manders with AAP Autism Awareness Project

-Ryan Royer with Peer-2-Peer Student Assessment

-Steve Thijssen with Guardian

-Arjen van Gaal with See-It

-Danny Bloks with HATSTACK

-Erdinc Sacan with Twan as multidisciplinary thinking





Vote for your favourite
From Monday 26 June to Friday 30 June you can vote for one of the candidates of the Denk Groter Awards. This way candidates can collect extra points in order to win the Denk Groter Awards. Ten students and ten employees will eventually be in the race after a first selection from all entries by the jury. You can find an overview of the candidates at fontys.nl/denkgroterprijs. Students and employees alike can vote for the nominees online. The number of votes for each entry will serve as an evaluation criterion for the verdict by the jury.

What exactly are the Fontys Denk Groter Awards?
The Fontys Denk Groter Award is a prize that is awarded to an employee or a student who has made an extraordinary contribution to the educational programme of Fontys. The Board of Directors annually awards this prize at the opening of the academic year in the canteen of R5. This year this ceremony will take place on 28 August 2017. The winning entry has shown an exceptional educational achievement and is of value to Fontys in terms of public relations and/or societal relations. In addition, the entry transcends the institution itself, it is innovative and a striking example of growth by attention and challenge (Think Larger)

There is a first, a second and a third prize. The winners of both the employees and the students will receive a prize of €3,000. The second prize is € 2,000. The third prize is € 1,000.



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