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ICTalent-participant FRAME popular at festivals & events

Thursday 18 May FRAME was one of the participants in the ICTalent Awards, the competitive showcase at Fontys School of ICT. FRAME developed a unique camera: the pictures conjure up a 3D illusion by using not just one, but rather four (!) cameras, in the form of a GIF or a video-format. This allows them to capture moments in a way no-one has before. It enables FRAME to shoot unique pictures. Various festivals and events are currently lining up to get a hold of this special concept. Time for an in-depth interview with project leader Tom Hartogs, student at Fontys School of ICT. 

You took part in the ICTalent Awards on Thursday 18 May. How did you experience this?
It was a great experience! It allowed us to present our project to the outside world very easily, which in turn meant it would not be left somewhere to collect dust. We talked to a lot of people who were very enthusiastic about our project. We even took pictures for two of these contacts to present at their events. So the event certainly allowed us to expand our network.

And, now that the ICTalent Awards are over, what happened with FRAME? 
After 18 May we concentrated fully on further development of the concept. There were several events scheduled and we wanted to make even better photos there. To be able to do so we created a new rig with 4 SLR cameras.

Various festivals and events are currently lining up to use your services. Tell us all about it…
Until now we have shot pictures at: Paaspop, ICTalent Awards, Greenhouse group Labs kids’ event, 7th Sunday festival, Isaac - hype or trend event and We Are Electric! After WAE we got an overwhelming number of offers to shoot pictures at events. So we're going to have to do some serious planning this week. 

How does that feel, being hired to capture fun, inspiring events with FRAME? 
That's absolutely fabulous! In the first place because it's your own product and everyone is really curious and positive about it. Secondly because festivals are a lot of fun to do! Shooting pictures in the back of the stage in absolutely huge tents filled with partying people or being backstage with artists in order to share contact details for the pictures. That's something we would never have been able to experience without FRAME. 

Did ICTalent contribute to this? 
ICTalent has definitely motivated us and made us understand that FRAME could be developed into much more than just a school project. Indeed, I would recommend anyone to participate in the ICTalent Awards. It offers a good opportunity to take your project out of the school-setting and you'll acquire many skills along the way.

And…what's in store for FRAME? 
Bigger and better. To be honest Tommorowland and Sziget are on top of our wish-list! We have built up quite a portfolio so it's time to take our school-project to the professional level. WISH Outdoor and the Liquicity Festival are next. We also got a request for a wedding and a producer who wanted to use our services for various purposes in the summer. Therefore we've started setting up a small company. 

Would you like to know more about FRAME?
Read the article at the Fontys ICTalent website: or visit the Facebookpage of FRAME. 


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