Visit Thomas More University Belgium

Fontys Information and Communication Technology

Visit Thomas More University Belgium

In May 2017, a delegation from the Thomas More University in Belgium visited Fontys University ICT in Eindhoven. The delegation consisted of

Lieve Gios (Study Programme Coordinator Construction), Sabrina Gutierrez Vidal (Service Organisation Education) and Kirsten Vandermeulen (Service Organisation Education). They are currently busy trying to make education more open and came specifically to have a look at FHIT’s open education and corresponding tooling. And their visit was a success. On 16-11-2017, Eric Slaats will speak at Thomas More University to share his experiences again on a larger scale.

The response from Thomas More University:

“We have returned home with a great deal of hope and inspiration. The way home was full of animated discussions and plans. Thank you for welcoming us, sharing your enthusiasm and experiences and for communicating so openly! We wish you much success with your other plans and the up-coming visit but I have no doubt that your evaluation will be excellent!” – Kirsten Vandermeulen