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Fontys School of ICT is looking for voluntary study coaches due to high percentage of students with autism, ad(h)d and fear of failure

The percentage of students with a form of autism or ad(h)d in higher and university education has increased over the years. This is a positive development as they often have exceptional qualities, such as an eye for detail and a strong focus. There is high demand for these personal characteristics on the labour market. However, a number of these youngsters experience obstacles during their study, for instance when it comes to organising and planning the study. Youngsters with autism and ad(h)d also study at the Fontys University of Applied Sciences ICT (FHICT). For this group of students the institute is looking for study coaches to offer them extra guidance during the study.

Role of the study coach
There has been a pool of (voluntary) coaches in Eindhoven since academic year 2013-2014. Due to increasing demand of students there will be another influx of new voluntary study coaches (also at the Tilburg location) in September 2017. What does the voluntary work entail? The focus is on coaching students with extra guidance needs when arranging and structuring their study, first year students as well as older and fulltime/part-time students. The guidance focuses on removing typical bottlenecks (planning, looking for work placement, writing support, etc.) and does not concern the content of the study.

What does Fontys University of Applied Sciences ICT offer?
FHICT is looking for study coaches who are available, on average, four-six hours a week on a voluntary basis and want to commit for a year. Naturally, something is offered in return. For instance, a coach gets content-based support, including practical tools, lectures, workshops, feedback and you have an online library at your disposal. There is also monthly peer-to-peer coaching together with (experienced) fellow study coaches. But most importantly: you can really help students with extra guidance needs.

Interested or have any questions? Contact studentplus@fontys.nl

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