ICT students Tilburg at the Dutch Pinball Open

Fontys Information and Communication Technology

Old-fashion pinball action but with new technology

The principle of pinball is fairly simple: with your two side flippers you must try to keep the ball in the game for as long as possible. Two second-year ICT students at Fontys in Tilburg are busy with a project that features pinball. Instructor and project supervisor Peter Dingemans explains what is so fascinating about working with this simple but also comlplex game.

“Working on a pinball machine corresponds well with the learning objectives for these students in this study phase,” says ICT and Technology instructor Dingemans. “The main theme of this project is the user experience: how can you adapt and improve technology for the user in real-life projects? This can be done in various areas, by collecting and analysing data, for example.

Dingemans believes to know why these ICT students have chosen a project that involves a pinball machine. “There is a pinball machine in our building. Students can play with it when they want to relax. For the seven students involved, it makes it extra fun that their work will remain visible for the other students, too.

What’s more, this is also a project which the other profiles within ICT also nicely correspond with. These seven students are following the ICT & Technology profile, but students with the Software Engineering profile can easily relate to this project.”

The seven students will also have another place to show their findings, namely, the Dutch Pinball Open. This is a nice little bonus for the ICT students, because if they want to know more about all the possibilities of pinball, that’s the place to do it.

Recap of the Dutch Pinball Open Expo 
Hundreds of pinball machines could be seen at the Evoluon in Eindhoven on 11 and 12 November. The ICT & Technology students from Tilburg were also in attendance. They had the opportunity to present the interim results of their project to improve the user experience for pinball players. There was a great deal of interest and the visitors enjoyed that fact that the old-school pinball machine was being used for educational purposes! The students will continue to work further on this project until the end of the semester. See the video report of this day here.

Source: https://bron.fontys.nl/ouderwets-flipperen-maar-met-nieuwe-technologie