CanvasCon 2017 London

Fontys Information and Communication Technology

CanvasCon 2017 London

Together with colleagues Martijn Ruissen, Britt Dingens and two students, Jort Polderdijk and Thijs Koppen, Eric Slaats gave a keynote presentation in the BP theatre in the British Museum London during the annual CanvasCon EMEA. After the presentation about FHICT, open education and personalised learning, there was time for a Q&A with the audience. This was made ample use of, where mainly our students offered refreshing insights for the sometimes conservative audience. Apart from the critical remarks and questions, there were also many enthusiastic and positive reactions, as indicated by the many online and offline conversations that followed.

“What you do is really radically different.”
Robbie Deleare - Erasmus University Brussels

“Radical different education system at Fontys.”
Lucy Bamwo - University of Hertfordshire


Apart from the many positive reactions, there were also requests to see the work for themselves at FHICT and presenting it elsewhere.Specially, there are already requests of Erasmus University Brussels and University of Applied Sciences Utrecht.

Apart from the presentations, we spoke elaborately with people of Product, Support and Sales of Instructure, got to know the new Canvas User Group of the Netherlands and made several new international contacts. Especially our students made a lasting impression on the visitors of CanvasCon 2017 - London.