ISAAC offers students accommodation

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ISAAC offers 300 Fontys ICT students accommodation

ISAAC, one of the partner companies of Fontys University of Applied Sciences ICT, is offering accommodation to 300 students of the bachelor study higher professional education-ICT.

No numerus clausus
Fontys University of Applied Sciences ICT has experienced a major increase of the number of students these past few years. It wants to offer everyone the opportunity to study. Many youngsters want a career in IT and local businesses are yearning for well-trained IT professionals. This is why Fontys University of Applied Sciences ICT is taking its responsibility and is not establishing     a numerus clausus for its bachelor study higher professional education-ICT.

Flexible accommodation
In September the college had a staggering 500 students more compared to the previous year. This resulted in a challenge in the area of accommodation. The current buildings of the institute in Eindhoven were too small to be able to accommodate all students. In order to find a short-term solution, Fontys University of Applied Sciences ICT asked its “Partners in Education” in the region to help think along.

ISAAC offers solution
ISAAC is one of the partner companies of Fontys University of Applied Sciences ICT and is situated in the Obelisk building in the Marconilaan in Eindhoven. ISAAC had a large space available on the ground floor, so both organisations joined forces to realise a new studying area.

With this, we kill two birds with one stone (CFO at ISAAC): “We found a good purpose for the ground floor space. Fontys has a temporary solution. ISAAC reinforces its relation and familiarity within Fontys University of Applied Sciences ICT and its students. Furthermore, ISAAC can reinforce its role as “Partner in Education” by taking on a more active role in supporting education. The students will work on a variety of projects and assignments in the Marconilaan, among others in the areas of artificial intelligence and data science.”

‘We ask a lot of our students if they study outside the institute. We therefore have our students to thank for enabling this growth. We are very aware of this, which is why it’s so pleasant that our “Partners in Education” want to enable growth with us’, says Ad Vissers, head of Fontys University of Applied Sciences ICT. ISAAC also realises this; they, for instance, regularly organise drinks and themed nights for the students.

Partner of Education
ISAAC has been a “Partner in Education” of Fontys University of Applied Sciences ICT for years. The cooperation means that companies cooperate on the development of students. They not only do this by offering traineeship and graduate positions, but also through, for instance, making an active contribution to the study’s curriculum. For example, ISAAC has many years’ experience with specifying and developing software in the commercial sector. This experience can be applied in the realisation of projects.

“For the Eindhoven region and for ISAAC the fact that an increasing number of young talent is trained for a career in IT is a good development and we are glad to contribute to this”, says Max Hufkens (CFO at ISAAC).

Lilian Seegers (HR manager ISAAC): “We find it very important that students come into contact with the business world during their training, so they can see how things are done. On the other hand, students offer new insights and themes that can be of added value for ISAAC.”

ISAAC, established by Mark Hoogendoorn and Max Hufkens in 1999, has developed into an internet company with more than 100 employees. ISAAC develops useful solutions for complex online issues through the targeted use of internet technology. Examples include e-commerce solutions, integration issues, e-finance solutions, deep learning and augmented and virtual reality.

About Fontys University of Applied Sciences ICT
Fontys University of Applied Sciences ICT is a leading and innovating institute that offers modern and interesting ICT education on the levels of Associate degree and Bachelor. The college not only offers education to full-time students, but also Education for Professionals. The more than 3,400 students are trained for any conceivable job of the future ICT occupational field.

The college cooperates closely with more than 80 ICT companies and organisations from the Brainport region and the rest of the Netherlands. Furthermore, the college has established a research portfolio for practical research. Fontys University of Applied Sciences ICT sees the development of people (students, professionals from the business world and its own staff) as its core activity.