Students second semester ICT show results

Fontys Information and Communication Technology
At Fontys ICT, students work on practical issues as early as their first year of study. As a result, they learn to be critical early in their studies, but it is also important to start quickly with soft skills, such as presenting. So this year, students from the second semester demand-based were allowed to present their results at their own showcase event.

Demand-based Learning
Demand-based learning is one of the forms students at Fontys ICT can opt for during their studies. It is characterised by working on practical issues and doing a lot of independent knowledge and skill seeking to solve them. There are also workshops and instruction, but applied to students' knowledge needs. In short; a lot of room for own development. 

Often, the outside world actually sees projects by students who are in higher semesters, but even during semester two, there is plenty of creativity to be seen among our students. The showcase event was therefore also recorded by the Videocrew of Fontys ICT.