ICTalent Awards eventpartner Dutch Technology Week 2017

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ICTalent Awards eventpartner Dutch Technology Week 2017

From 15 to 20 May 2017 the 6th Dutch Technology Week (DTW) will take place. During this week those interested can hear the most wonderful tales of innovation and technology. A perfect opportunity for us at Brainport Region Eindhoven (the smartest region in the world!) to show how good we are with high tech. The organisation of the DTW is in the hands of Brainport Development. Together with various national and international partners, the high tech industry will be put on the map. This year the ICTalent Awards is also one of these proud partners.

Dutch Technology Week
The high tech industry is achieving many successes. Naturally we are very proud of this! In order to share this proud feeling, businesses, governments and knowledge institutions work together to organise a week full of technological surprises. During the DTW, everyone can see, feel and experience how much potential there is in working on inventions that change the world, and how challenging this is.

ICTalent Awards event partner DTW
For the Fontys School of ICT this is a great opportunity to contribute to the DTW through the ICTalent Awards. This makes ICTalent Awards an official partner of the DTW this year. The ICTalent Awards fit in directly with the mission and objectives of the DTW. For instance, DTW wants to promote enthusiasm for technology and being proud of the Dutch technology sector, ultimately strengthening it. They will try to do so through improving awareness of entrepreneurship, craftsmanship, creativity and thinking capacity. "During the ICTalent Awards we want to give everyone the chance to feel and experience all the beautiful things that are being invented by our ICT-students. Being proud together, that’s what it’s all about. The theme of the DTW "Technology Connects" also fits perfectly with the concept of the ICTalent Awards: technology connects various target audiences, people share the same passion for ICT and technology. But also the products of participants show that technology connects everything and everyone around us," says Maartje van Hees, project leader ICTalent Awards.

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