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Fontys University ICT’s intro papas have their say

Last week was the introduction of our 1st year students in both Eindhoven and Tilburg. We celebrated, had some drinks, laughed and got acquainted with each other and the city. But what would an introduction be without all those intro papas and mamas? How did they experience the introduction days? Here you will find the experience of intro papa Thom van de Moosdijk (Eindhoven), Gijs Visser and Jonathan Ramackers (Tilburg). Eindhoven

“Last Wednesday 23 August, the introduction began, whereby we as intro papas and mamas were given the task of introducing the first year students to the programme as well as to the city of Eindhoven. Out new student association Salve Mundi had planned an intro which included, among others, water games (which turned out well thanks to the weather), a City Tour and activities in the VUE. As conclusion, we celebrated on the Stadhuisplein and Stratumseind, and together with all the other programmes, it turned out to be a big party.

Thursday 24 August was the second intro day and the last day for all the intro papas and mamas. Although we couldn’t get every student excited about the Purple Festival we were quite surprised about the large turnout - thanks to a well-organised intro on Wednesday. Salve Mundi deserves all the credits for this!

We were lucky to have such great weather and the Purple Festival was again a big success (and immensely busy!). With house DJs like La Fuente and happy hard-core from the 90s by Paul Elstak, the line-up was complete. As intro papa, I really enjoyed both the Fontys ICT intro on Wednesday as well as the general festival on Thursday at Strijp S. Next year, I may have already graduated, but I think I will come have a look anyway!”

– Thom van de Moosdijk


At the end of the school year, we always receive a stream of e-mails ‘can I be papa/mama at the introduction?’ Gijs and Jonathan, two enthusiastic PR students, also sent e-mails. They look back at the introduction days. “The morning programme began with the general kick-off. The new students were then given a tour of the campus and got acquainted with the class. IERA student association organised such games as wheelchair races and tyre throwing. Jonathan: “my little group started energetically!” Gijs: “my little group was slow to start.” And then, we went to the city! In 013, at the disco bingo, we had a lot of fun. The City games took the students past all the city hotspots. But the celebration on the Piusplein was the highlight. A number of other groups joined us there. Many students had a bite to eat together and a number of them later toured the bars. This was a great success as they are still talking about it today.

The next day was the Purple Festival. Gijs immediately starts smiling whenever he starts talking about it.  It was a massive success. All the various little groups of intro kids and intro papas and mamas became one large group. Main stage and the marquee were the favourites among the new students. Oh, and the Velcro wall was lot of fun! Conclusion: let’s do it again next year!”

 – Jonathan Ramackers & Gijs Visser. 

See the Tilburg after-movie here:



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