NEXT Eindhoven for over 1,000 Fontys ICT-students

Fontys Information and Communication Technology

Experimental project week NEXT Eindhoven for over 1,000 Fontys ICT-students

From Monday 6 February to Friday 10 February 2017 the first edition of the experimental project week NEXT will take place in the klokgebouw in Eindhoven (Strijp-S). This week is being organised by the Fontys School ICT Eindhoven for all 1,100 Dutch-stream fulltime students and teachers. They will get a week’s time to come up with an innovative product related to the theme SPY: espionage in the broadest sense of the word. Groups of ten students from all study programmes will leave their comfort zones in order to come up with innovative creations. On Friday 10 February everyone is welcome to come visit the end-exposition in the Klokgebouw.

In the next three years some 5 million old jobs will disappear globally, and some 2 million new jobs will be created. Old jobs will be replaced with IT solutions, in particular by robots, IoT and BigData. New jobs will be created that will have to streamline this innovation and disruption.

IT professionals who wish to make these 2 million new jobs into their dream jobs, will have to master these 21st century skills, working together, negotiation, innovation, performing under pressure, etc. Students will learn this at NEXT Eindhoven. They will be challenged to discover their talents and to get out of their comfort zone in order to come to new insights.

The students will work in multidisciplinary teams and develop a product related to the theme SPY. During this week, it’s up to them to find out what the true power of data and information streams is and how this can be put to good use. Will you come up with a solution to collect your own biometrics in real-time in order to check your health? Or are you going to figure out an innovative way to earn money using information that’s basically out there in the streets? Do you know of a way to analyse wifi-data on a large scale using smart algorithms? Or do you know a new way to communicate more safely? The assignment may be tailored to your specific wishes.


Inspiring guest lecturers

At NEXT, various guest lecturers will give inspiring guest lectures, such as Richard van Hooijdonk (trend watcher and futurist), Jeffrey Jongmans (digital tracing work) and Pim Takkenberg (ex-police officer and former AIVD employee). There are also various workshops.

Final presentation Friday 10 February 2017
The final presentation of NEXT will take place on Friday 10 February, consisting of both a white and a black market. The white market will focus on products for the business world. The black market will focus on products for the spies of the future. Each group will be assigned its own stand and will be challenged to “sell” the product to the buyer. Visitors are welcome from 10:45 on to have a look around. Free entrance.

Winner NEXT Eindhoven 2017
Each visitor will be given a special coin upon entering the final exhibition: the visitor can invest this coin in his/her favourite product. The six groups with the highest number of coins invested will get the chance to pitch their idea at the main stage. The businesses present will decide who may call themselves the “Winner NEXT Eindhoven 2017”. Want to stay updated on the news surrounding NEXT? Then sign up at our Facebook page and view the website: You may find the link to the manual for students under announcements on the portal of FHICT (also mentioned in the FAQ on the website).