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Minor Digital Marketing successful cooperation between Fontys School of ICT & Marketing Management

The Minor Digital Marketing started in September 2016: a cooperation between Fontys School of Marketing & Management and Fontys School of ICT. And it was a success! Both years the enrolment procedure had to be closed due to the large amount of applications. The secret? According to Erdinc Sacan, teacher at FHICT this is mainly due to the multidisciplinary cooperation between ICT-students and non-ICT-students. This makes the minor popular among students and businesses alike.

Involvement businesses
There are over forty businesses involved in the minor through guest lectures, excursions and the assignments students work on. Before starting an assignment these businesses will pitch their ideas to students. Students subsequently make their preferences known and start working on the assignments, which will resemble "mini-internships". In the end they will have to present and defend their results and products. The current class of fifty students could choose from a variety of assignments from fifteen businesses. The external certification (Google Analytics, AdWords) is also valued by the participation businesses. Students will have the chance to do so each Friday at Google Friday.

It's all about covering a lot of ground
Real cases, practice, guest lectures and above all, covering a lot of ground, are paramount in this minor. The focus will be on the combination between ICT, data and techniques and Digital Marketing such as Google Analytics, re-targeting & behavioural targeting, marketing automation, mobile marketing. You will learn how to set up realistic KPIs, how to map the conversion funnel and customer journey, carry out big data analysis and how to monitor and clearly present the data using data visualisation. This has to do with a complete set of tools and the accompanying mindset. The user / (potential) customer and data are paramount in this minor, enabling us to improve usability and conversions. This allows organisations to become successful.

By students, for students
The minor was developed with the help of students who were involved throughout the entire process, together with Fontys Educational Designers. One of the students went on to follow the minor in the first run and is currently involved as a guest lecturer. That closes the circle.

More information:
Would you like more information on the minor Digital Marketing?
Watch our informational video or read the information in the digital Selection guide. 

Students' experiences
And what about the students? What do they think of the minor Digital Marketing? Below you will find a few quotes from students with different backgrounds: 

“Learning about different facets within digital marketing, with lots of real-world examples and fun assignments that you carry out individually in order to gain experience along the way” - Remco Mennen (Student Marketing Management)

“De minor Digital Marketing is suitable for students with different academic backgrounds. Being a journalism student I surely didn't fall by the wayside among all those ICT people and marketers. To the contrary, doing this minor actually provided me with a set of competences that I'm already enjoying the fruits of now.” - Bram Steijns (Student Journalism)

“I think the best thing about this minor is the fact that you get to work on a real-life assignment from a business together with students from different academic backgrounds, so that everyone can apply their own knowledge and talents.” - Eveline Druncks (Student ICT & Media Design)

"A very educational and unique minor. The minor focuses both on theory and practice. There is a close cooperation with the professional field. This is very beneficial for the learning process of a student. The broad orientation of the minor means that many subjects are covered, but there is also room for individual preferences. In short: a fun and educational experience!" - Youssra Barkoki (Student Communication)

“The fun thing about the minor 'Digital Marketing’ is the fact that it shows a wide range of aspects within the digital marketing world and that these aspects are subsequently being applied in practice in lectures and the final assignment at a real company.” Raoul van der Vleuten (Student Business management SME)







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