Research group Open Educational Resources on Tour

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Research group Open Educational Resources on Tour

Lector Robert Schuwer recently visited Malta on the occasion of the UNESCO Regional Session on OER. It was a preliminary session for the 2nd UNESCO World Congress on OER in Ljubljana, coming September.

The objective is for governments all around the world to commit to adopting open educational resources. Some 50 European experts got together to provide European input. More information

Next Robert was in Cape Town: Open Education Global Meeting of the global Open Education Consortium, of which FHICT is a member. The leader of our research group gave 3 presentations:

• recently completed research into the adoption of OER

• developed a toolkit together with the TU Delft

• flagship project sharing open educational resources with Fontys People and Health studies as the key driver and Robert as an associate-project leader who takes care of the open aspect of things.