Innovative pilot

Fontys School of ICT

Innovative pilot municipality Eindhoven, Fontys School of ICT and Atos

Eindhoven municipality aims for an ICT service with more continuity and flexibility to also be able to offer a qualitative service during busy periods. To this end, a mini tender for a pilot was set up at the end of last year, where the service desk is partly manned by hired students. Fontys University of Applied Sciences ICT (FHICT) and Atos were selected to flesh this out, with success!

During the first few months of the pilot, five students of FHICT were already selected and guided by Atos and deployed at the municipality for the quality and continuity of the municipality’s service because it contributes to developments of students by gaining work experience and inspires the municipality with new élan and innovative insights and welcome extra hands.

Knowledge cooperation covenant
With this, Eindhoven further fleshes out the knowledge cooperation covenant entered into in June 2015 between Ad Vissers, principal of Fontys University of Applied Sciences ICT, and Mary-Ann Schreurs, the responsible alderman for innovation, culture, design and sustainability of the municipality.

In the digital transformation into an information society and data economy, with a lot of technology and other conventions, the organisation of the municipality of Eindhoven also changes. Cooperation with students of knowledge institutes offer Eindhoven and FHICT mutual added value.

Eindhoven wants to anticipate social issues and current technological developments even better. As for FHICT, apart from the progression of graduates, it guarantees the topicality of its ICT education with concrete learning periods that are a realistic reflection of the often innovative demand in the field.

Co-creation of education
At 'Partner in Education' of FHICT, Atos is active in several areas in the Triple Helix model. It sees to the selection and guidance, graduate positions and interview training for students. Thanks to this co-creation of education, Atos is partly responsible for the content and topicality of FHICT courses.

The pilot will be evaluated after the summer and, in case of proven success, scaled-up with the input of even more students at various organisations within the region of Eindhoven. 

Source: GOV magazine Atos