Innovative light art by Fontys ICT students at GLOW 2017

Fontys Information and Communication Technology

Two projects of Fontys School of ICT: Trees of Life and The Circle of Life

Students of Fontys ICT University of Applied Sciences and Engineering will be present at the GLOW light festival on 18 November with their own unique light art. They designed and developed light art according to the GLOW 2017 theme: the source (of light). Tom Weerts from the GLOW organisation supervised the students. “We were really intrigued by the idea behind these projects,” says Weerts. “We are looking for something profound with our festival: we don’t just want to put on a show. And this made it clear to us that we can really build on these students.”

During the opening weekend, many visitors told the students that they were fascinated by the idea behind their light art. Visitors also really appreciated that the two Fontys light exhibits were interactive as this was not possible for most of the other objects.  Which Fontys students light projects can be seen during GLOW? And who are the makers of these innovative light art objects?

Trees of Life
Trees of Life is an eccentric exhibit that is entirely controlled by those visitors who dare to share a sensory experience together. Trees of Life connects urban nature with Eindhoven’s second nature: technology and design, and visualises the relationship between man and nature that is so essential for our survival. Through the interaction with Trees of Life a new connection between souls is forged which makes one feel united with the tree and nature itself. So, as a visitor, you also are part of this interactive exhibit. Trees of Life connects and unifies via this almost mystical experience.

The Trees of Life stand in the middle of Dommelstraat on the main route of the festival. Two trees have been equipped with 24 LED strips each. When they raise their hands towards the trunk of the tree, visitors set the stream of light in motion which pulses through the LED strips like a heartbeat. “It feels like you give the tree energy,” explains student Gido Vervoort. “Trees need us and we need trees. That’s the story that we want to tell,” says student Stefan Buijs, the project leader. (Source - Fontys)

Students Stefan Buijs, Simon Lit, Jadev Marin, Rick van Melis, Imre van Schaik, Casper Somers and Gido Vervoort of Fontys ICT University are the faces behind Trees of Life.

Circle of Life 
A second group of ICT students have created an exhibit entitled The Circle of Life with lighted soap bubbles filled with smoke. The Circle of Life takes you along to experience life itself. Every bubble represents life and how fragile it actually is. The air bubble can burst all by itself but also due to external factors, such as the touch of your finger. The bubbles float all around you as you walk through the exhibit. And when you let one of these bubbles burst, you allow the smoke inside to escape. A cloud forms that gradually disperses in the air. Through the shimmering of the light from every corner the bubbles are given an added dimension.

The Circle of Life was conceived and created by Delta ICT students in collaboration with the Interaction Design Lectureship. Amanda van der Vleuten, Hao Huynh, Sirus Goorhuis, Miroslav Zahariev, Mrunal Patil, Joshua van Gompel, Sven Jeurgens and Luc van Donk. The project was initiated by Patrick Mendel, Tom Hartogs, Daan van Dijk, Mitchell van de Water, Thom van de Moosdijk, Bram Snoek, Joshua Schers and Martien van den Broek are the projectmembers of The Circle of Life.

Aftermovie GLOW 2017 made by the Fontys-ICT Video CREW:






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