AI research group & Big Data to participate in the National AI Coalition

Fontys Information and Communication Technology

The new name of the Big Data research group is “AI & Big Data”. This new name perfectly aligns with their ambitions and with what is already happening in practice. The term AI (use of smart algorithms) is often named in the same breath with the digital transition taking place in society today.

The importance of AI was again emphasised by the Dutch AI Coalition that was founded in October. Following such countries as France, Germany, Sweden, Italy, the Netherlands becomes the 5th European country to also have this platform. Lecturer Gerard Schouten will participate in this coalition on behalf of Fontys. This way, Fontys ICT University will have more influence on the strategic AI research agenda in the Netherlands. The coalition will focus on innovation, sharing data, developing talent and the social acceptance of AI. They have explicitly chosen to take an inclusive approach based on European standards and values.

“In this coalition, we are primarily going to learn by doing. And we’re going to be a part of that!"
- says AI & Big Data lecturer Gerard Schouten